It is hard to find documentation and understand the meaning of everything, the purpose of this lesson is understanding what is a Cardano Node and how to set up the environment to run one.

What is a Cardano Wallet?

It is a medium of storage for you ADA, but not just that.

Technically it is a gate to communicate with Cardano Blockchain and translating the transaction you want to do to the Blockchain. Send ADA, send NFTs and so on.

What is a Cardano node?

A Cardano node is a copy of the blockchain and has some functions to interact with the blockchain,like a wallet but with more power, it makes possible to send and receive ADA

but also to mint NFTs and interact with smart contracts.

A cardano node is able to create multiple wallets in a few seconds and we can use it to create a vending machine for NFTs drop or a payment system for our projects.

Choosing the VPS

You can run your Cardano node into your computer but you need the node to be sync with the Blockchain so it must be turned on 24/7, VPS are computers that you can rent and will be turned on everytime.

I use OVH because I am used to it but there are many more services that can provide cheaper or comparable services.

Specs of the VPS

To run a Cardano Node 16GB of Ram is the minimum requirement with the new release!!

Regarding the memory space 50 Gb of memory are enough but if you want to store and save backups you can have even more memory

Operating system: Ubuntu

Location: Anywhere you like but closer to you the better

Connecting to the VPS

You will need your IP address (KEEP IT PRIVATE) shown on OVH, you will receive via mail your username and password for your VPS.

Using software like PuTTY you can connect to your VPS using a terminal.

Create a new session, insert your IP address and start the session.

A terminal will start and you will login.

Creating a folder inside our VPS

To show the files in your current directory you can use the command:


it will probably be empty now, let’s create our first folder with the command:

mkdir myfirstfolder

now if we type again ls we will see our new folder, to open it we use the command:

cd myfirstfolder

and using again “ls” command we will see it is empty 

to go back to main directory type “cd ..”

Support the project

You can support our videos and development you can check one of our NFT project:

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