CNFTacademy, the first e-learning platform focused on Cardano NFTs.

Our lessons will be linked to the official material of Cardano.
Content will be prepared and updated according to the last version of Cardano system.
We will send you an email everytime a new update of the node is required.

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    What is CNFTacademy?

    CNFTacademy is a platform created with a simple purpose, to share knowledge and decentralize it. Would you like to learn how to run a cardano node, how to create a stake pool and how to mint NFTs.
    I am here to teach you step by step and succeed together in this path.

    Would you like to learn the secret behind the Cardano Blockchain, how to be fully independent and create your NFT project on your own?
    This is the right place for you.

    Cardano can be hard to understand for beginners but here we will also cover topics such as what is the best Wallet for you ADA, where can you buy Cardano, which are the marketplace for NFTS on Cardano? How do smart contracts in Cardano work?

    Many topics and one platform to collect all the answers, cnftacademy.

    Who am I?

    I am Raul, Electronic Engineer passionated about crypto and technology.
    In May 2021 I started to run my cardano node to mint NFTs.

    I launched some projects and collaborated in the development in many others, my portfolio is:
    @Fabul_art Interactive and 3D NFTs Fabergè Eggs
    @cardano_waifus The first waifus minted in the Cardano world with utilities and Nami Wallet integration
    @jurassikchained Fully onchain NFT Dinosaurs, each unique and with different specs

    raul rosa found of cnft academy

    Your first steps in the world of Cardano Developers

    Content will be prepared targeting users that may not have a deep knowledge of coding.

    Do you have any question?
    Contact me!

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