First lesson is required to fully understand this video, you can find it here.

To install our cardano node we will need to download the executable file (easy way) that we can find on the official repository of Cardano here.

Once we find the linux executable link we can copy it and use it in our VPS to download it

Downloading the file

The command to download the file in our vps is:

The link changes according to the version of the node, check before downloading it!

Now we should open the compressed file inside a new folder so let’s run the command

mkdir nodev30
tar xvzf NAMEOFDOWNLOADEDFbjTBNq7S7m5ZILE -C nodev30
let’s go inside our folder so
cd nodev30
and let’s display the content

Adding missing folders

Some folders that are needed in the configuration are missing so let’s create a folder
mkdir mainnet
cd mainnet
mkdir db
cd ..
mkdir sockets

Creating the node service in our VPS

The following step is the startup of our node in service mode so the node will run everything.

Let’s run the following command

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/cardano-node.service
Now we should copy and paste the following lines:
Description=Cardano Pool
ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/nodev30/cardano-node run --config
/home/ubuntu/nodev30/config/mainnet-config.json --topology
/home/ubuntu/nodev30/config/mainnet-topology.json --database-path
/home/ubuntu/nodev30/mainnet/db/ --socket-path  /home/ubuntu/nodev30/sockets/node.socket --
host-addr --port 3001

KillSignal = SIGINT
RestartKillSignal = SIGINT



let’s save the file “CTRL+S”

and close the editor “CTRL+X”

Running the node

To enable the service we just created the command is:
sudo systemctl enable cardano-node.service
once it is enabled we can make it start with:
sudo systemctl start cardano-node.service
now let’s check if it is running:
journalctl -u cardano-node.service -f -o cat
you should see your node output, getting data from the  blockchain!

Adding cardano-cli command to the PATH

Cardano-cli is our way to communicate with the node, to add it in the path we should run the command:
sudo nano ~/.bashrc
in the end of the file we add:
export PATH="$HOME/nodev30:$PATH"
export CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH="$HOME/nodev30/sockets/node.socket"
let’s save the file “CTRL+S”

and close the editor “CTRL+X”

and finally the command:

source ~/.bashrc

Run cardano-cli commmand

let’s run the following command to test that cardano-cli is working:

cardano-cli query tip --mainnet

The answer should be the progress of the node sync

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